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The Moonshine Square Girl Guide

For Ulfat and Madhurima Catch a train to Moonshine Square, stop. Hold my hand, hold your smile, wade through an ocean of mud and of people, then step outside. It is hot, look at your face, red like a heart, cover your head with my scarf, it will keep you safe from any sun that dares to enter without invitation. Drink this sugarcane juice, cold, drink tea from my teacup, drink wine, and drink your tears with it. Or not. In the debris of a dead queen's garden, lay your head on my lap, the corners of my kurta were thirsty anyway, they don't mind your rain. They will sing for you every monsoon raag they know. After all your sorrow has turned into vapour, your stomach will rumble for want of more. Hold it for one season, then sell your feet to the antique store, it will be a fair exchange. Your lungs will tire of the smoke in your hand, eat every flame. The river of poison that was made to flow inside of you will smack its lips. S

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